A Word from the Headmaster



It is an honor to serve you here at Hope International School.

My name is Stephen Meier. Most recently I come from the great state of Texas, where I served as Head of School at a school south of Houston. I have been in education for over fifteen years as a teacher and administrator. It is with great excitement that I am now a part of this school community that acts and cares for each other like a family.

Although we are a small international school, we have a balanced program which utilizes a U.S. curriculum based on modified Common Core standards. We provide a college-preparatory program, including rigorous AP courses. Our striving for excellence extends beyond academics to include athletics and moral character. HIS is an official testing center for PSAT, SAT, ACT, and AP and is fully accredited with ACS WASC and ACSI.

What really excites me about Hope is that we have the opportunity to truly educate the whole child. We are thankful to be able to actually practice doing this. Being a faith-based school allows us to teach and impact students, not just for now and the future, but for eternity. When a child is able to be cared for in this way, they become the kind of global citizen needed to make a positive difference for mankind. This is why we always seek to present a Christian worldview in everything we do.

We greatly anticipate future recognition for our valued contributions in the Beijing community and the global community.  We welcome visitors and those who are interested in seeing how this educational institution can teach and nurture the whole student.



Stephen Meier